Even though I live 2+ hours from the beach and visit a few times per year, I am always trying to channel the coastal vibes at home, regardless of the lack of sand and water in my backyard. It’s such a peaceful and happy place to be and one that I also draw lots of design inspiration from.

And it’s easy to understand why coastal style is so popular – the natural textures, soft blues and greens and casual breezy vibes can help make your space feel like a vacation home. And who doesn’t want that?!

After falling hard over the Drew Barrymore home collection a few months back, I had the chance to team up again with the lovely folks at Walmart to add some coastal charm to my bedroom. Walmart has really stepped up their design game this year so I had no trouble finding beautiful and affordable pieces from their home line.

I thought it might be fun to share my ‘coastal design process’ with a few quick and easy tips. Let’s get into it!

1 . Incorporate natural textures

Coastal decor would be incomplete without the texture of natural fiber. Whether it’s jute, sea grass, bamboo or rattan, mixing in woven materials connects the indoors with the outdoors and brings a casual and easy breezy feel to the room. 

2 . Play with patterns

For an eclectic and collected look, don’t be afraid to mix things up with your rug, duvet, curtains and soft textiles. The trick is to stick with the patterns in the same color family—blue is an obvious choice for a coastal vibe—and layer geometrics, florals, or stripes of similar weights and tones.

3 . Choose a calm and cool color palette

To keep your bedroom feeling fuss-free, light, and airy use plenty of white (or a light neutral) on your walls, ceilings and furniture and accent with different shades of blue and grey to break things up a bit and add depth and visual interest.

4 . Keep it classy with nautical-inspired accessories

Opt for a beautiful piece of statement art, some driftwood on top of a stack of surf-inspired books, sea glass beads or sea grass storage baskets to add that textural charm without going too kitchy.

5 . Let the light in

Natural light is pretty much the best interior accessory you can add! Choose sheer curtains to get that light-filled, airy vibe we all love in coastal homes.

I do very much enjoy coastal design but I also love to mix styles up so I say choose things that you love and make your heart sing!

I rounded up some of my favs, all available from walmart.com!

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