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8+ Bathroom Lighting Ideas For Every Design Style

The bathroom represents an important. Strictly functional area of the house and therefore we need to decorate it special attention in the planning. Both in terms of the bathroom suite and the lighting fixtures. This space is a space of relaxation, although it is also a functional space. And the moment we think about what lighting we need to use, we need to think about all these things. Efficient lighting allows us to carry out all activities related to these rooms without causing any discomfort.

Bathrooms are usually more restricted areas. They are not always the large, airy rooms we can hope for and often have no natural light. Therefore, lighting becomes more important than usual. The lighting must be more intense than in the rest of our house, compared to the needs of the room. Uniform light can be expressed by different bodies, which are selected depending on the size of the bathroom. A small bath can be uniform light with the help of two bodies of lighting. Arranged on both sides of the mirror. Or a large bath, the light with a flash body attached to the ceiling. Attached via huge mirrors.

Bathroom Lighting On The Wall Or Ceiling

Bathroom lighting can be attach to the wall or ceiling, but wherever the lighting comes from. It must be waterproof so that the steam from the bathroom does not affect it. If you want to bring a touch of originality to your bathroom and gain some space. You can opt for ceilings with built-in lights such as headlights. Before you think about the look and feel of lighting in your bathroom. You need to think first about how you can protect users from electric shocks.

Another important aspect of the selection of luminaires is the problems that can arise from the contact between a heated light bulb and water vapor from the bath. Such inconvenience can be avoided when spot type lighting fixtures are used. The, in addition, offer security and a modern bathroom aspect. These spots are available in a variety of models, so you have the option to choose exactly what fits your bathroom. The bathroom is an intimate area for us and although it is for certain activities. It deserves to be treat with special attention to detail.

The Bathroom Lighting Conditions

The bathroom lighting must meet three conditions: functional, aesthetic, and have a special ambiance. For the daily tasks (shaving, make-up, etc.) you needed a strong light and for moments of relaxation, such as a bath in the tub, you need a discreet light. In addition, the bulbs you use must provide the amount of light needed to properly illuminate this room. You should use luminaires with special ornaments or decorative pieces that are redesign of the bathroom and achieve a special effect.

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Lights must be fix up and direct to have efficient light and focus on dark areas or objects that you want to place in a special light. Also, the light can be reflect by the use of mirrors when placed in strategic locations and you can get better results in decorating the bathroom. A lamp or lamps perched on the bathroom cabinet if the electrical system allows this. All this will help you to have a stronger light if necessary, but also a dimmer light to create a romantic atmosphere.

Lighting for the bathroom is available in two options: either those that are already integrated into the facility, or those you buy separately. Choose a light bulb for a small price, in a bright color, similar to natural light. Choose a headlight if you want something to consume less energy, but a bigger price than a light bulb. And if you choose the neon light, look at the colder light and the higher price.


The mirrors in the bathroom should reflect as much natural light as possible, even artificially, when placed in front of the windows, the light will reflect, giving the impression of a larger room.

The bathroom light must be clear, with controlled intensity and not bright. No matter what lighting you choose, it must work with the furniture, mirrors and other decorative pieces placed in the bathroom. A classic bathroom must be fitted with mirrors with elegant frames and shaded lights. For modern design choose mirrors without frames, stains strategically placed so that the light is not too bright.

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