A Playful And Pattern Filled Pre-Teen’s Bedroom

I’ll just say it, I like to play with pattern. Like, a lot. In all spaces, but especially in a kid’s room where you can break some rules and generally just have fun. I recently had the opportunity to design and style this bedroom, belonging to an 11 year old girl, who wanted a more grown up space to better reflect her own style and personality. As you can see, she is creative, musical and a very cool young lady!

We had a small budget for this and used a good bit of the pieces that she already, with the goal to re-think and re-style the space with mainly color and textiles and accessories. Before we go through, let’s take a peek at the room in it’s ‘before’ state:

And this is how the room looks today:

We re-purposed most of the furniture and just added in layers of style with rugs, textiles, affordable lighting, accessories and that amazing wall treatment. My client wanted her daughter to have a new space but didn’t want to invest a ton in expensive home decor because…well…kids. lol They still deserve all of the cuteness though, so let’s get into the details.


We chose that gorgeous Scandi-inspired shag rug from one of my go-to’s for affordable and high quality rugs, Boutique Rugs and layered it over the existing neutral carpet. It’s so soft under foot and does not shed!


I went back to my friends at Urban Walls and found that beautiful indigo brush stroke pattern, which perfectly carries that wall without anything else. Its stunning and impactful and it’s decals! Yep, essentially stickers that we installed in a couple of hours! I can’t say enough good things!


Good lighting goes a long way and can make a big impact in the styling department. We installed those amazingly affordable plug-in sconces on each side of the bed in under an hour and it immediately elevated the room. They are beautiful and incredibly well made especially for being $49.99!