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Tips And Accessories For Designs a Red Bedroom

Red is passionate, so why not use it to bring some heat into your bedroom decor scheme. When the red decoration is equated with white it becomes crisp and sharpened black. While the shades are tame gray, with blue being energized, and gold enriching. Red can bring so many looks to your boudoir, but none of them are timid. If you have slept with ideas for a bold and bold bedroom decorating scheme. Then this inspiring red bedroom idea. Discover the myriad ways you can combine these powerful yet versatile colors. From colour saturation walls to bedrooms with frugal red accents, furniture, beds as well as paint effects.

Let red rein from ceiling to floor. The fiery orange-red wall paint in this bedroom scheme follows on from a solid red ceiling. A deeper red headboard overlays the paintwork, as well as stretches the colour out over pale wood flooring. White elements clean up the colour scheme, whilst golden accents add luxe.

Go maximalist in a minimalist setting

When decorating a pared back minimalist bedroom that’s all clear of clutter, colour can apply all of the personality to the room. Bleed a red ceiling into 360º red walls, doors, furniture, essentials and floor. The window reveals in this all out red room have been coated in a light reflective white paint to prevent the colour block from feeling oppressive.

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Apply as a bold backdrop. Red has been used as a backdrop behind a towering home library in this cosy book lover’s bedroom. A crisp red bed set compliments the wall paint.

Split personality. If you just can’t seem to commit to an all red feature wall, then go half as well as half.

Red is a colour that spans the ages. Here, traditional red boiserie is teamed with contemporary art as well as a modern sputnik chandelier with chic results.

One more beautiful bespoke upholstered headboard design. This time the colour in the room is strictly limited to the headboard alone.

Commission a bespoke red headboard. The red as well as white sections of this tufted headboard design create a striking striped effect. Throw on some pillows to match and you’re done.

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