40+ Beautiful Blue Bedroom Ideas

For most of us, our bedroom is practically our living room. It is that part of the house where we spend most of our time, whether for leisure or professional purposes. Since we spend most of our time there, it is only logical to make it as inviting and comfortable as possible.

Here are 40+ blue bedroom ideas you can draw inspiration from to give your bedroom the makeover it needs.

1 – Blue Accent Wall Bedroom

Have you ever wanted to give your bedroom wall a blue accent tone? Here’s a beautiful design you can recreate in your space to give it a more homey appearance and feel. Blue is a calming color, and that calmness is required for a peaceful night’s rest.

This wall will be the first thing you see when you wake up, and that’s a great way to start the day. We love how this bedroom with blue accent wall coordinates well with the other colors in the room.

Blue Accent Wall Bedroom

Instagram @katiegriffphoto_homes

2 – Inspirational Ideas for Blue Two Color Combination for Bedroom Walls

If you want more than a blue accent wall in bedroom, you can always mix the blue up with another interesting color. Gray is a great color to combine with blue for an endearing wall bedroom decor. Blue gray bedroom walls feature a combination of two different tones, a bright and a dull one.

The blue makes up for the gray’s moody tone and lightens it slightly. Conversely, the gray tones down the blue to reduce its brightness, making it perfect for those who don’t like loud colors. The blue decorative accents in this bedroom are perfectly color matched and go beautifully with this shade of grey. The best part is; once you’re done with these blue accents you can swap them out with accents of another color.

Blue Two Color Combination for Bedroom Walls
Instagram @mariadogaruluke

3 – Dark Blue Accent Wall Bedroom

If you’re in the mood for a moody and dull wall, here’s a beautiful bedroom decor design you try out. This design may not appeal to you if you prefer loud colors, but you can always mix things up. If you appreciate the idea of a navy blue bedroom wall decor, you will love this design.

When we take care of our bedroom, it’ll return the favor by giving us a sound and blissful night’s rest. If you want to heighten the moodiness, you can use only dark blue. Otherwise, you can combine dark blue with another bright color, say yellow or pink.

Navy Blue Accent Wall Master Bedroom
Pinterest @Jodie Wielenga

4 – Navy Blue Accent Wall Master Bedroom

This navy blue accent wall bedroom will give your bedroom a glamorous and exquisite appearance that you will love. It’s a cool and calming color that will provide the serenity and peace you’ve been looking for.

Give your master bedroom an elegant makeover with a navy blue accent, and give yourself a chance to experience luxury. This bedroom makes you forget how stressful your day was when you entered it. Perfect the decor with the right king-size or queen-size bed to bring the design home.

Navy Blue Accent Wall Master Bedroom

Instagram @sevenpalmtreehouse


5 – Arctic Blue Bedroom

Arctic Blue is a fresh, bright, and pretty color that makes a subtle but eye-catching statement in any room decor. You can use arctic blue on any part of your bedroom, including your dresser, wall, bed frame, or bed. This color shade is different from that of the blue and gray bedroom; it is much brighter and louder.

Pale blue walls in any bedroom will make it feel homier and welcoming after a long day at work. You can use the color alone or mix it with a cooler color like gray or even tan. When choosing bedding for light blue walls like this Arctic Blue you can consider either white bedding or blue bedding of an even lighter shade.

Baby Blue and Grey Bedroom

Pinterest@ House Beautiful

6 – Baby Blue and Grey Bedroom

If you’re considering using blue for your bedroom decoration, you can try designing your bedroom gray and blue. This beautiful combination of baby blue and grey in this bedroom decoration perfectly represents “simple yet elegant.” If you don’t fancy blue walls, try a blue bed instead. Baby blue and grey take center stage in this bedroom decor, with a few white tones. Combining a blue bed with crisp white bedding is a great option for blue and white beds.

This bedroom design will make going to bed and waking up something to look forward to. There’s no way you won’t fall asleep on this as soon as yoArtic Blue Bedroom 
u lay down.













7 – Blue and Blush Bedroom

If you’re not diggin’ light blue walls, here’s another blue bedroom color schemes you can try. Navy blue and white take center stage and are major colors in this admirable bedroom decoration. The blush color isn’t much here, but there’s enough to make the room glow brightly – figuratively speaking. The blush bedding in this photo is the ideal shade of bedding to go with blue walls.

Meanwhile, you can increase how much blush you use if this isn’t enough for you. It will come out beautifully as long as the blush blends naturally with the blue. Also, seeing as blush is a loud color, it’s best to complement it with a cool color.

Blue and Blush Bedroom

Found on Pinterest.

8 – Blue and Brown Bedroom

If you don’t like bedroom ideas blue and grey, you may appreciate this brilliant innovation. We’ve never really seen brown blend beautifully with navy blue like this, but we love what we’re seeing. Adorn the walls with the navy blue tone, let it contrast beautifully with the white window frames.

The bed frame takes the major brown tone in this image, although there are other brown tones in different shades. Even if it isn’t much, it’s always a good idea to add white; it gives the design more detail. This decor will fit perfectly with a master bedroom or any other.

Blue and Brown Bedroom

Pinterest@Next Luxury


9 – Blue and Gold Bedroom Ideas

Gold signifies luxury, wealth, beauty, status, and elegance; combined with blue, it makes an unbelievably-divine design. This blue and gold bedroom features a navy blue bed frame and gold lamps and dressers. The wall maintains its grey tone with some gold embellishments to increase the gold tone in the bedroom.

This bedroom decor blue and grey bedroom with speckles of gold will give your room a gorgeousness the old decor couldn’t. The gold tone complements the navy blue tone brilliantly, bringing some life to its otherwise bland appearance. You may get a professional decorator to recreate this for you.

Blue and Gold Bedroom Ideas

Pinterest@ Surrey Lifestyle


10 – Blue and Orange Bedroom

If you’re not looking for blue bedroom ideas for adults then here are some options for  the younger family members.

This blue and orange bedroom is proof that blue can live in different environment styles and take on a new look. This bedroom feels approachable with its polished end and orange, white, and light blue touches. It’s a great thing when you enter your bedroom and feel like you’re home; there’s no feeling like it.

You can adopt this bedroom decor if the blue and gray bedrooms’ design feels too dull and uninteresting to you. If you’re thinking about using this decor for your little girl, you’re thinking right; she will fall in love at first sight.

Blue and Orange Bedroom

Pinterest @ Better Homes and Gardens

11 – Blue and Purple Bedroom

If you’re not running after your little ones to retire for the night, you’re petting them until they fall asleep. Either way, it’s always a battle at night when it is time to get your children to bed. This blue boys bedroom featuring a perfect coordination of blue and purple can make the work easier for you.

Give your children’s bedroom this makeover, and you’ll never have to beg or “threaten” them to go to bed. In fact, if you don’t put the reins on it, it may take you a while to get them out of their bedroom.

Blue and Purple Bedroom

Instagram@ hgdesignideas

12 – Blue and Silver Bedroom Ideas

If you’re moving to a new house and need an idea for how to decorate your bedroom, you can try this blue and silver bedroom design. This bedroom creation is divine; you will feel good every time you step into it. After a long day at work, what you hope for is to come home to a welcoming bedroom; here’s one. For some blue and white bedding ideas try combining crisp white bedding with blue bedding of two similar shades like in the photo below.

The best view of this blue bedroom is probably night when all the lights are on. Have you ever seen silver in the light? It glows, and that’s exactly how your bedroom will glow.

If you love this bedroom idea, also check out our post with 21 stunning grey and silver bedroom ideas.

Blue and silver bedroom



13 – Blue and Tan Bedroom

Try adding tan to the blue if you find blue too loud and blue and grey bedrooms too bland. Tan is a good complement to blue because it reduces flashiness without taking away its life. Whenever you enter your bedroom, you’ll blush, whether at the end of the day or before it is over.

This blue bedroom idea gives you the best of both worlds: the coolness of tan and the brightness of blue. You won’t wake up tired every morning anymore because your decor offers the serenity and peace needed for a sound, restful night.



14 – Blue Cream and Gold Bedroom

Blue, cream, and gold is one of the blue bedroom color schemes of the century; these three colors will light up any room decor. If you find blue and gray bedroom ideas that don’t suit your style, maybe this blue, cream, and gold bedroom will. It’s amazing how we keep finding out that there’s nothing blue cannot combine nicely with.

Give your bedroom a glamorous makeover with the blue, cream, and gold decor combination. The cream is the central color in this design, with little touches of navy blue here and there. The gold color doesn’t appear much, but it makes it perfect.

Bliue, cream, and gold bedroom

Pinterest@Birmingham Home & Garden


15 – Blue, Gray, and White Bedroom

There is practically no color blue cannot blend with without appearing awkward, whether the boring grey or loud yellow. When thinking about decor ideas for your bedroom, you can try blue and grey bedroom ideas; there are hundreds. But, if that’s too bland or uninteresting for you, add some white to the combination to create a blue, grey, and white bedroom.

This decoration features a blue-grey-white bedroom, where blue takes the prominent position; leave the headboard grey. Finalize the decor with white lamps, pillows, and fine artwork; then take a step back and take it all in.

Blue, grey, and white bedroom

Pinterest@Lime Lace


16 – Blue Velvet Bedroom Ideas

If you’re not a professional decorator, you need all the help you can get and all the bedroom decor ideas you can get. Luckily, there’s hardly anything you cannot find on the internet today, including ideas on how to decorate your bedroom. Here’s one for a brilliant blue velvet to make your bedroom glow and give it a personal touch.

Blue velvet is a subtle and soft but sharp and statement-making color that’ll give your bedroom a look it’s been lacking. This idea is excellent if you don’t find blue white and grey bedroom ideas that are particularly nice.

If you love the white in this bedroom look, also check out our post about white bedroom ideas!

Blue Velvet Bedroom Ideas



17 – Blue White And Gold Bedroom

Blue, white, and gold have their peculiar characteristics and statements they make on a bedroom wall or wherever else. There is serious coordination between the blue, white, and gold colors used in this bedroom that we love. Even if you didn’t plan on changing your room decor, this design would leave you considering the idea.

Whether you need a decorating idea for your room or your children, these color combinations will add glamor and luxury. If they didn’t love the grey and blue bedroom, they’d surely love this.

Blue, white, and Gold Bedroom

Pinterest@ Norine Parkey

18 – Blue White Grey Bedroom with Extra Color

When combining three different colors for your bedroom decor, your chosen colors must match perfectly. Blue will match well with practically any color anyway, and this grey blue white bedroom proves the point. There are different ways you can mix these colors, including doing it exactly the way it is done in this.

You can make blue the major color, with a touch of grey, and round it up with white. You can do it however you want to, as long as it reflects your personality and offers the beauty sleep you need.

Blue, white, grey, and coral bedroom

Pinterest@Natalie Gisborne


19 – Coral and Navy Blue Bedroom

As you know, there are different shades of blue, including the dark and gloomy ones and the bright and lively shades. You can blend any blue shades with another color to give your bedroom decor more details. We love how coral brings out the beauty of the navy blue color that its seemingly boring aura tries to cover.

Transform your old grey white and blue bedroom décor with this coral and navy blue combination decor idea. Choose the right furniture set to crown the decor when you’re done painting with the major color.

Navy Blue and Coral Bedroom


20 – Gold and Blue Bedroom

We’ve always loved how gold brings out the beauty in blue; it gives it a glow you never thought it had. When you decorate your bedroom in gold and blue, you’ll find it glowing in ways you never thought possible. Nothing can beat the feeling you will get from entering your bedroom in gold and blue; it is divine.

Give the room a blue background color and put a few touches of gold to finish it off. You can go for the navy blue and gold bedroom décor or choose another blue shade.

Gold and blue bedroom

Pinterest@ Reva Broussard


21 – Greyish Blue Bedroom Ideas

This greyish-blue bedroom gives you a toned-down blue bedroom design that you can live with if blue isn’t your color. Using greyish blue color is an excellent way to bring some peace and quiet into your bedroom and calmness for sound sleep.

We’ve given you several grey and blue bedroom ideas, including blue white and gray bedrooms. Here’s another decor idea that features grey but in a more natural tone; it gives you the best of both worlds. This idea is great if you don’t appreciate the overly bright blue shades as many people do.

Greyish blue bedroom ideas

Pinterest @ nichill

22 – Light Blue and Gray Bedroom

You can try light blue and gray if you’re in the decoration market for gray and blue bedroom ideas. Light blue has a soothing effect on whatever it is used on; gray enhances blue’s calming power. This design is perfect if you’re looking for the ideal color combination for your child’s bedroom that’ll make him sleep well.

The soothing power of this combination gives you a sound night’s rest that gets you ready for work the next day. You can say goodbye to hangovers, and depressing bedroom views with this color combination.

Light blue and grey bedroom

Pinterest @ avine26

23 – Luxury Royal Blue Bedroom

You don’t have to own a castle to be a princess, and you don’t have to be a princess to get the royal treatment. One look at this luxury royal blue bedroom design, and all we can mutter is “wow.” There isn’t much embellishment, and that’s what makes it so grand and royal-like.

This design features a bright luxury royal blue headboard, bed frame, and bedspread with a few touches of cream or white. This design may be more satisfying than the navy blue and gray bedroom.

Luxury Royal Blue Bedroom

Pinterest @ Our Homes Magazine


24 – Modern Grey and Blue Bedroom

Here is a brilliant combination of modern grey and navy blue decor in the bedroom, and a great idea for you. If this is your personal space, you will always look forward to returning home from work or every journey. You may even forget you have other rooms in the house, even if the other rooms are decorated just as gorgeously.

This design features a navy blue wall, a dark grey bed frame and headboard, and pillows in white and grey. Your navy blue and grey bedroom will be ready to give you a great night when you’re done.

Modern grey and blue bedroom

Pinterest @ Amber Loiuse


25 – Modern Royal Blue Bedroom

If you’re giving your bedroom a makeover, make it a complete one with something as down-to-earth as this blue bedroom design. The royal blue bedroom gives off a subtly cozy aura, featuring a completely white bedspread under a royal blue wall. The creamy white headboard contrasts beautifully with the blue wall, and the mixture of white and blue pillows is even better.

Let white dominate most of the colors, giving off this pure and innocent appearance we see in this design. Somehow, someway, royal blue makes any bedroom design pop with boldness.

Modern Royal Blue Bedroom

Pinterest @ Sylvie Ellsmore

26 – Navy Blue and Gold Bedroom Ideas

You can use blue for its softness and soothing power and gold for its lush and luxurious benefits. Or you can use navy blue and gold and get the best of both worlds. This navy blue and gold bedroom decor features a simple but exquisite design where navyblue takes most of the design.

There’s the elegant creamy white headboard, navy blue pillows, and a gold and cream pillow. Keep your bedside lampstand and everything else gold; let it work its magic. This color combination is perfect if you find the navy blue bedroom ideas too bright.

Navy blue and gold bedroom ideas

Pinterest @ Littlewoods Ireland

27 – Simple Navy Blue and Grey Bedroom Ideas

Are you looking to renovate your old bedroom and give it a new, better, and more polished look? Then here’s a great blue bedroom idea for you: this decor features a brilliant navy blue and grey combination. Let the walls carry the dominating navy blue color, and the curtains and floor take the grey.

Now, many people feel navy blue and grey are dull colors, and their combination will make for a depressing decoration. If that’s you, a royal or brighter blue dresser for bedroom will give the décor more life. Nevertheless, if you’re not satisfied, you can throw in some blush.

simple navy blue and grey bedroom ideas

Pinterest @ Christina Cotterill


28 – Navy Blue and Pink Bedroom

Two-color combinations are always a good idea for bedroom decor, especially if one isn’t exactly lively enough. If you consider navy blue too cool for your liking, pink is a great idea of a bright color that you can add. You can use any shade of pink – light, fuchsia, or even blush; this design features navy blue and light pink.

Although cream takes up most of this decoration, the navy blue and pink combination gives it more light. Don’t forget to get your navy blue bedroom furniture to complete the look – or any other color.

Navy blue and pink bedroom

Pinterest @ colon2165


29 – Navy Blue And Yellow Bedroom

Yellow is a color that makes statements anywhere it is used, whether as an entire bedroom decor or only an embellishment. In this beautiful blue bedroom decor, the yellow is more than an embellishment; it is a major part of the design. Navy blue is a naturally beautiful color, and this yellow added to it only makes that gorgeousness obvious. This yellow blue bedroom is both fun and classy at the same time.

You may even throw in navy blue bedroom rugs to make things more interesting. Retire under your yellow, navy blue, and white bedroom furniture sets, and have a blissful night’s rest.

Navy blue and yellow bedroom

Pinterest @ sofa.com

30 – Royal Blue and Grey Bedroom Ideas

Sometimes you need a bright color to give a dull blue shade some noise, and in this case, the blue shade is the noise. In this bedroom design, the color giving us something to talk about is the luxurious shade of royal blue. It only features in the bed frame and headboard, but that’s enough to bring life to the bedroom.

Royal blue is a great color to add to your grey bedroom if you feel you want a change of scenery. You can finalize the design by using any of the best navy blue rugs for bedroom you can find; it’ll be magnificent.

Royal blue and grey bedroom

Pinterest @ suzanne16

31 – Royal Blue and Silver Bedroom Ideas

Royal blue is an outstanding color but combined with silver, it is irresistible like it is in this design. Having cream take at least half of the decor, the bedroom features various colors, including silver and royal blue. Cover the walls with royal blue and get some silvery artworks displayed on them for added effects.

Then, choose the bed frame right; you miss this, you miss a lot. You can choose this dark brown color used, or go all royal blue and maybe a little bit of silver.

Royal blue and silver bedroom ideas

Pinterest @ Elle Decor


32 – Slate Blue Bedroom

Slate blue is a classic color and one of the best for a painting project with its earth-inspired tone. This color also features the calming effects of blue, but it also has the gray color’s sophistication and balance. These two characteristics are essential because they add just the right amount of depth to your bedroom and home.

There are a thousand and one ways to use slate blue for your bedroom, including the one we’re showing you here. It is simple but sophisticated, subtle but bold, and perfect for any space.

Slate blue bedroom

Pinterest @ mrspapapowers

33 – Luxury Blue Bedroom Furniture Set Idea

Are you in the market for the ideal blue bedroom furniture sets for your newly-decorated bedroom? Here’s a great idea for a navy blue and grey eastern king-size bed and other accessories on it, including the pillows. If you don’t like navy blue, you can choose the brighter and fearless royal blue for your home design.

When you’re choosing, check the wooding of the furniture set to ensure you’re getting good quality. It doesn’t matter how beautiful it looks; it’s not worth it if it can’t conveniently hold your weight for the longest time possible.

luxury blue bedroom furniture set

Pinterest @ Wayfair.com


34 – Blue Bedroom Sets for Sky Blue Bedroom

When shopping for a blue velvet bedroom set or any other shade of blue, you want to consider what you need. You’ll need the blue bedroom bench just at the foot of your bed to make alighting easy. You will also need your blue bedroom chair that every standard cool bedroom should have for perfect decor.

If you’re shopping for blue glass bedroom lamps or any color, you want the design and shade to your liking and good enough to blend with your room color. This complete blue bedroom set will make spending time and money on decorating your sky blue bedroom a worthy venture.

Blue Bedroom sets for sky blue bedroom

Pinterest @ Walmart

35 – Blue Queen Size Bedroom Sets Ideas

Before setting up your queen-sized bedroom, you need to explore factors and angles, including the blue bedroom furniture set. You’ll want everything you need to be present to make things easier for you. These will include your blue bedroom dresser, because what is the queen-sized bedroom without the queen’s dresser?

If you’re choosing the navy blue shade, then you’ll want your navy blue bedroom furniture, including the chair and rugs. Decoration doesn’t only involve paint; all the necessary equipment has to be there also.

Blue queen sized bedroom set


Pinterest @ Comfyco Furniture

36 – Blue King Size Bedroom Set Ideas

Have you got your blue king-size bedroom ready but still need furniture set ideas for finishing touches? Check out these blue bedroom furniture sets for king-size bedrooms, including dressers, bed frames, and nightstands. This set is perfect for whether you’re going for a light blue and grey bedroom or a grey white and blue bedroom.

The cream color will blend in nicely with any bedroom decor, but you can opt for a different color if you’d prefer. However, we believe that this set will fit perfectly with even navy blue bedroom furniture.Blue King-sized bedroom furniture idea

Pinterest @ Wayfair Canada

37 – Blue Clues Bedroom Set Ideas

Blue clues bedroom for toddlers don’t only help them sleep well at night, and it helps them have confidence. This blue clue bedroom set will tell your little one that he is the smartest in the room. Even though he doesn’t exactly understand what is going on yet, he is getting ready for a future where he’s the brightest.

If you’ve tried a gray white and blue bedroom for your little one and it didn’t improve their sleep, try this. Even little ones want to enjoy a serene, calm, and peaceful night’s rest; who wouldn’t?

Toddlers blue clue bedroom set

Pinterest @ Target

38 – Navy Blue Bedroom Set Ideas

Complete your bedroom decor with this navy blue bedroom set, which includes pillows and bedspreads. This is a bedroom set with delicate bees beautifully embroidered on the navy blue background to enhance the outlook. This set is ideal if you want to freshen up your bedroom.

With its duvet cover and pillowcases, this set will complete your bedroom’s decor wonderfully. Finish off with a navy blue bedroom chair or maybe a brighter color. Whoever thinks navy blue is not a beautiful color will have a change of heart.

Navy Blue Bedroom Set

Pinterest @ Freemans Online

39 – Blue Carpet Bedroom 

Spice it up with some blue when you’ve decorated your entire bedroom with white, including the walls, dressers, and even the bed frame. You can do that by adding a blue carpet to your bedroom decor like it was done in this design. We love how the carpet flows with the language of the room, speaking its language but not sowing discord.

There are different ways to go about this, including having a bedroom with dark blue carpet. On the contrary, if dark blue is not lively enough, try royal blue carpet for bedrooms.

Blue carpet bedroom

Pinterest @ Home Stratosphere

40 – Great Ideas for Curtains for Blue Bedroom 

Part of the accessories you will need for your newly-painted bedroom are the curtains; you can choose any color. By “any color,” we mean one that complements the one you’ve been using, not one that sends it into disarray. For example, light blue curtains for bedroom bring a beautiful picture to mind.

You can choose navy blue curtains for bedroom as they did in this design, or any other color you fancy. This is a great idea for a blue gray white bedroom; the navy blue will contrast very nicely.

Light blue curtain for bedroom

Pinterest @ Wayfair.com


41 – Blue Bohemian Bedroom

This blue bedroom is quite different from the blue and grey bedrooms; it has walls painted in a soothing shade that creates a calm and zen ambiance. You don’t necessarily have to deck your space with layers of cozy textures and vintage rugs; you can go simple. This design presents a blue boho bedroom design that exudes effortless calm, giving off a statement-worthy finish.

Give your bedroom walls a moody navy blue shade and a vibrant splash of color to bring the design home. Don’t forget to check for navy blue headboard bedroom ideas for a design that’ll go well with this.

Blue Boho-themed bedroom

Pinterest @ Hunker

42 – Blue French Style Bedrooms

You can never run out of bedroom space styles, so if you’ve still not found one, don’t worry. Here’s a French blue bedroom idea for your space to give you a well-deserved retreat to retire to every day. Giving yourself a gorgeous place to retire to at the end of the day is one of the best gifts.

This French-style blue bedroom is perfect for Spring, giving it a special Spring refresh. When you fall on this bed to rest, you’ll wake up more refreshed than ever.

Blue and white French style bedroom

Pinterest @ Randi Garrett Design


43 – More Gray Blue Bedroom Ideas

You can’t run out of blue bedroom ideas because there are thousands of them online, even more than we’ve given. But, if you love the gray and blue bedroom and want more ideas, here are some you can feast your eyes on. Get inspired by these blue and gray bedroom ideas and make yourself happy.

Gray may be considered boring, but it is versatile, appealing, comforting, and refreshing. Both blue and gray are versatile, letting you introduce them into different spaces without conflicting with or overshadowing other colors.

Blue and grey bedroom design

Pinterest @ Caitie Collins

In conclusion, the versatility and flexibility of blue are such that you can mix it with any color. Blue will blend nicely with any color, bright or cool, without creating color clashes or blocking. Feel free to use any of our grey and blue bedroom ideas and others.

But, if you need more ideas for your blue bedroom decor, here’s a YouTube video; maybe you’ll find a style that speaks your language. You will find plenty more, including silver and blue bedroom ideas.