Sunday , January 23 2022

Living Room

Floor Lamps for Your Living Room

Create the perfect ambiance for your living room with a floor lamp that suits your style. Compared to overhead lighting, floor lamps offer a world of flexibility they provide illumination right. Where you need it at the brightness level that makes you feel the most comfortable. This buying guide covers …

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How To Decorate A Living Room?

The living room is at the heart of our daily life, a room with many functions and an aesthetic decorate, a place of relaxation as well as conviviality where we like to spend time. It is therefore important not to neglect its layout. To avoid making mistakes, we give you …

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How To Build a Living Room In Length?

Living in a long living room can be complex. By making the right choices of layout, furniture and decoration, the restrictive configuration of the room can reveal the contrary real assets. Discover how in 5 unstoppable tips. OUR TIPS: Choosing the right floorAdapt the furnitureCreate different spacesTreat colorsRhythm the decor …

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