21 Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas

It’s that time of year again. The temperature is dropping, the wind is howling at the windows, and we’re bringing out the blankets from their summer spot at the back of the cupboard. The seasons are changing, and it might just be time to change your bedroom decor too. We’re paying particular attention to cosy winter bedroom ideas, and let us just tell you we have some beautiful bedrooms to take inspiration from.

Grab yourself a blanket and wrap yourself up warm. It’s time to get cosy …

1 – Dreamy Winter Wonderland Bedroom

You are often advised to avoid lighter shades when you want to warm up your bedroom, but this stunning design shows you how you keep to your original lighter-toned palette. Plus and touchable textures, just like the soft blanket thrown over the bed here, make the room feel warmer even when it should look cold. The lighter has a big part to play too. The whiter the lighting, the cooler the light will be. You could try swapping your lighter lamp shades for darker ones in the colder months.

Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas 1
Source: alicelanehome

2 – Dark + Textured Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas

If you have cool materials, warm them up with warmer materials. A hard wood floor, for example, can be warmed up with rugs to make that first-thing-in-the-morning step a bit more bearable. As we’ve said before, don’t be afraid to layer of those rugs like you would layer up the blankets on your bed.

Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas 2
Source: Pinterest

3 – Grey + Natural Wood Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas

Is your bed near the window? If it is, it won’t really matter what kind of cosy winter bedroom ideas you look at, you’ll still feel the effects of the cold. Move the bed away from the window, letting light into the room, but also taking you away from what is more than likely one of the common cold spots in that space. Alternatively, attach a much larger headboard to the top of your bed to try and protect you from chilly drafts.

Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas 3
Source: kristofer_johnsson

4 – Light n’ Layered Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas

Cool shades are often ill-advised when you’re trying to warm things up, but when you add warm and comfortable textures to those light shades, it’s almost as if you’re counteracting them. Layers and layers of cool tones are a great way to add some warmth to a look that would otherwise be too chilly. Ignore them when they tell you not to go lighter in the winter.

Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas 4
Source: Pinterest

5 – Cosy Winter Projection screen

If you have a large, plain wall in your bedroom, why not turn it into one large projection screen, perfect for those cosy winters snuggled up warm on the bed with your significant other? (Or the just the girls and a few bottles of Prosecco?) It’s simple, and those projection screens don’t need to cost a small fortune. You can even buy smaller devices from gadget-style shops if you’re only planning a one-off event … or just to try?

Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas 5
Source: Pinterest.

6 – Faux Fur & Fabulous

Firstly, that headboard is fabulous and not so difficult to make yourself, if you plan on getting inventive. Secondly, faux fur throws are the perfect accessory for any bedroom this winter. In fact, for any winter. So much so, we featured the look in an entire post of its own, which you will find here >18 Woollen Throw Bedroom Ideas. We’ve already suggested that textured cushions and blankets are a great way to cosy-up your bedroom, and this look just reinforces that.

Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas 6
Source: the_real_houses_of_ig

7 – Boldly Blue + Natural Woods

If you’re going to go with what are generally considered to be cool colours, such as blue, make them warmer tones so that they then have a warming effect on the space. The tartan/plaid effect has added lighter shades in with the darker shades to add a bit more depth to what would be a dark room otherwise. The natural wood effect accessories really help to bring a natural warmth to the bed space too, as well as giving you a fabulous idea of what to do with those old logs you have in the back yard.

Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas 7
Source: hubmed.deco

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8 – Stay-in-Bed Worthy Bedroom Designs

Warmer bedding is a great way of turning the temperature up. You could look at layering up the blankets, which we think is a damn fabulous idea, but changing the bedding you’re using entirely could make the biggest difference. Layers are well known to keep you cool, but try to pick decent cotton materials to allow you to breathe too. The aim of the game is to peel away a layer when you start feeling warm and means you won’t need the heating on throughout the night.

Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas 8
Source: Pinterest

9 – Simple Features

Before turning to redecorating, although we don’t think a change-around is a bad thing either, it’s a really good idea to have a check to see where those drafts are coming from. If you have a hole that can easily be sealed or repaired, you won’t need to pay so much attention to turning up the temperature, or finding ways to make your bedroom seem much warmer. Draft excluders can be added to the bottoms of doors, and the designs have become so imaginative lately.

Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas 9
Source: Pinterest

10 – Lights, Lights, Lights

We’ve already suggested that lighting has a massive part to play in the overall feel of your bedroom, so look at cosy winter bedroom ideas like this one, with plenty of lighting, if you want to pack a punch with your changes. A cleverly placed string of fairy lights could add warmer lighter into an otherwise cold and dark spot in your room. It’s amazing how many lighting choices we have these days, and we definitely recommend investigating further if you’re limited as to what redecorating choices you can make.

Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas 10
Source: Pinterest

11 – Green, Greener, Greenery

For those days when you just can’t bring the sun, no matter how much you try, how about adding some faux-tropical to your life? If you surround yourself with greenery, the sunshine, and all things tropical and hot-temperature-based, you will automatically feel better. It’s like the power of positive thinking! (Plus, this bedding is just awesome and we love it.)

Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas 11
Source: Pinterest

12 – Mapped Out + Dusky Pink

There are plenty of ways that you can make your bedroom feel much warmer, without the need to turn the heating up. We know how much your electricity bills are probably costing you over the winter months, and most of us can ill afford to turn the price up a notch more. Simple adding thick curtains to your windows could make the world of difference to how warm or cold your bedroom feels. With thick curtains, you’re adding a layer of insulation. You’re also adding texture, particularly if you add warm fabrics in warm colours too.

Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas 12
Source: muralswallpaper

13 – Layered Up & Lovely

You layer up your closer in the winter, so why wouldn’t you layer up your entire decor? You’ve got layered blankets on the bed, a mixture of knits, faux-furs and other fabrics, all warming and friendly in texture. There are blankets and soft cushions on other cold and hard surfaces, such as the chair at the desk. Then there’s the texture lampshade too. It’s everything we’d want our cosy winter bedroom to be!

Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas 13
Source: Pinterest

14 – Black, White & Grey Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas

Textures and lighting have been used to make a bright, white and open space look much warmer in this clever bedroom look. It looks quite cold, but with the addition of wall art and those other clever warming features, it’s a room that would be oh-so-inviting during the cooler, winter months. In fact, we can’t think of anything better than to watch the rain pour down the windows as we snuggle up in bed with fluffy, soft blankets!

Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas 14
Source: henriknero

15 – Add Darker Hues

If you already have a lighter shaded bedroom and don’t want to play around with the colours too much, how about adding some darker textures and tones instead? This room, for example, would be quite cool and bright if it weren’t for those slightly darker shades thrown in for good measure. A darker cushion here, or a darker lampshade there. In fact, the darker lampshade is a tip we told you about earlier on, and this look reinforces what we said. Swap light coloured accessories for darker ones to bring warmth and tone to any space.

Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas 15
Source: Pinterest

16 – Focal Wallpaper Designs

There’s that tropical wallpaper again, and we can’t shout about it enough. The room is a very simple one, but those body designs and shades really help to bring that natural warmth back, once again. The simple stool as a bedside cabinet is also the cutest idea, and we love the way it looks with the small plant and other accessories too. Oh, and don’t even get us started on that adorable toucan cushion.

Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas 16
Source: Pinterest

17 – Rose Quartz Inspired Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas

Rose gold is a very hot colour right now. Quartz and crystal inspired stuff is a very big trend right now. What an absolutely beautiful combination – rose quartz. In fact, we think we might have just found our next #bedroomgoals look. What do you think?

Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas 17
Source: muralswallpaper

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18 – Minimalist & Simplistic

Add living things to your room and you’ll add a warmth with function. There are so many benefits to adding plants into your house, and especially your bedroom, but we’ll start with increased levels of oxygen and decreased levels of carbon dioxide. This is very good for your brain and overall health, just so you know. Most plants only do this transformation of carbon dioxide to oxygen during the day, when the sunlight is bright, but certain flowers, including orchids, do this at night too.

Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas 18
Source: mohvvasastan

19 – Quilted & Textured Cosy Bedroom

We looked at a few DIY headboard ideas before, and this is one of the reasons why we think those custom bed-heads are a great idea. You could, quite literally, come up with any design, shape, colour or design. This elegant and tufted headboard adds more warmth than a cool, modern metal one would do, however. It also adds more texture to cooler rooms, something we have already discussed.

Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas 19
Source: Pinterest

20 – Luxurious and Cozy Winter Bedroom Ideas

Cosy winter bedroom ideas like this one use a range of tips and tricks to help make the room look more appealing when the winter nights draw in. There are textures, as well as different lighting options, a range of darker tones mixed in with the light, and soft furnishings around the bed, rather than cold and hard materials. Other clever tricks that you could use include layering up rugs to cover over cold floors. That’s a trick we personally loved.

Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas 20
Source: bassettfurniture

21 – Pink & Fluffy Throws FTW

As far as we are concerned, anything pink and fluffy is perfect for the winter season, and this is even more so the case when it comes to throws and blankets for your bed. Don’t be afraid to add some more personal touches too. your Grandma’s old clock, for example, wouldn’t look out of place next to your bed. It’s all about adding more of what YOU like into a room that YOU adore. That’s the trick behind these beautiful cosy winter bedroom ideas.

Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas 21
Source: alicelanehome

And there you have them – 21 cosy winter bedroom ideas that we think you’re going to absolutely love. We do want to know your opinions, of course, so let us know which ones are your favourites in the comments below. We also want to see your room if you’ve got all the #bedroominspiration to show off. Send them in to us – we want to feature you in a future article on CherryCherryBeauty.

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