3 Ways To Design Your Own Garage

If you have decided to design your own garage, either by constructing a completely new one or by remodeling and existing one on your property, you are probably in search of ideas. Even if you know what features you want to incorporate when you design your own garage, you may not have the technical expertise to work them into a building plan, but don’t want the expense of paying a contractor to prepare the plan for you. Do you have alternatives?

Yes, and a wide variety of them. You can begin by investigating the different software programs available which will give you all the help you need to design your own garage blueprints. One of the better-known software programs is Plan3D.

Software Programs

You can subscribe to Plan3D online and, for a small monthly fee, use their service to design your own garage with all the features you want, and then view both its interior and exterior from every conceivable angle. If you’d like to design your own garage from plans you found elsewhere, you can even scan them to thePlan3D program and get a clear picture of how the finished garage will look in three dimensions.

If you don’t have any idea of where to find plans from which you can design your own garage, you can again do an online search. Many online companies have libraries of garage plans available for immediate downloading; these plans will include not only blueprints, but complete instructions on the materials you’ll need to get your garage constructed.

Finding Garage Plans Online

Homeplans.com is one such site, which in addition to having hundreds of plans for houses, has plans for both garages with workshops and garages with living space from which you can get ideas to design your own garage.

Prefab Garage Kits

If you think you’d not only like to design your own garage, but construct it as well, look into the many prefabricated garage kits now available. Built from galvanized steel, they come prepared to assemble and can usually be constructed in les than a day with three or four people working on them.

If you do not have the necessary manpower to assemble a┬áprefab garage, many manufacturers can provide construction crews for an additional expense. You’ll also have to pour a foundation for the unit, to provide it with extra stability.

You can have a hand in the design of your own garage by telling the prefab company what features you’d like to incorporate in the unit. You can further customize it by choosing among the many available styles and colors.


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