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Decorate Araound TV: 10 Ideas To Stitch

Considered essential by some, television is often the big black spot of the decorate in the living room. Not always very aesthetic, more and more great, we often try by all means to hide or relegate it to a room dedicated to him. But if finally the key to leaving him his place without grazing the “design faux pas” was simply to associate it with other elements? Decorate around TV in 10 ideas … Let’s go!


Cactus and succulents are undoubtedly the kings and queens of our interiors. We love them, we adore them and we slip them everywhere to pacify and give life to a space. If in the living room, we tend to put them on the floor, on a side table, a buffet or on the edge of the window, we think less about placing them next to the TV directly on the furniture. And yet, they make all the difference, you do not agree?


Appreciated again by the interiors, the showcase sign his return. And it is especially in the living room, in version 3 in 1 – TV cabinet, cupboard and glass column – that it holds here! Bright or not, it is filled with beautiful objects that sublimate each other.The effect of this mini museum is immediate: the eye is attracted, to the point of forgetting the television which sits a few centimeters away.


Expose your most beautiful family or holiday photos in the living room, that’s good. To disperse them in the four corners of the room is even better. The tele furniture raises hands down to receive some shots framed. Click clack, it’s in the box!


Scandinavia still has the wind in its sails. And at the same time, how do you get tired of these clean lines and design, these warm woods and the little touch that makes everything? To give a little pace to the TV, you can obviously bet on a nice row, but not that! Bring air from the Nordic countries by installing a collection of teak candlesticks of different sizes and colors right next to the television.

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Sometimes you spend long hours in front of the television and lose the notion of time? We know that too! But with a nice clock installed next door, you’ll see the minutes go by differently. Maybe you will find the motivation to put your nose outside!


Reading break is over, we move to the TV corner layout. And since the books have a highly decorative line, we do not hesitate to stack them on top of each other alongside the screen. One, two, three … small and / or tall, sober or colorful, it’s up to you.


Make your TV stand, the hi-tech corner of the living room. You obviously do the TV, but it is also the ideal place to slide the sound system. Working with retro lines and totally in tune with the times, Marshall speakers have the coast in black or white. Useful and deco, it would be wrong to deprive ourselves.


Posted on a shelf unit, television is in the center of the decor. To sublimate it on such an installation, nothing more simple: accumulate! Add a multitude of trinkets reported trips or mechains flea markets (globe, candle holders, fan, gems …) and of course, do not hesitate a second to slide some green plants to finish.


And if finally, the perfect solution was that television does not seem to be what it is? For that, we thank Samsung and its incredible model The Frame which is in the form of a photo frame. You choose the work that appears on the screen (from a selection of artists or just in your personal album), you add other frames to compose your wall … and you admire the result for hours.

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