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Ideas for Revamping Four Sub-Styles of Industrial Design

We all have a good handle on what shapes industrial design aesthetics; original brick, raw concrete finishing, electrical wiring installation. Today we dismantle what makes a beautiful modern industrial style. How can we color the interior of the pop art industry unique, cool Scandi meets a rather more eclectic industry. Let’s see how these attics live up to their industrial sub-styles with graffiti tag walls, color-changing zoning, mezzanine bedroom ideas, inspired kitchens, as well as unique bathroom designs.

Industrial Design Aesthetics

Our first focus is on the aesthetics of modern industries, where clean lines contrast with raw as well as rough elements. In a 46-square-metre tourist rental in Petergof, Russia, fresh white cladding smoothes the exposed brick interior. Floating tv mounts stretch throughout the room, which can also be used as a desk space.

The beautiful blue colour theme returns inside the small bathroom, with solid blue walls as well as secretive storage unit doors. A deep farmhouse sink beds a sharp white accent into the modern blue vanity unit.

Concrete walls surround a double sink bathroom vanity, whilst wood effect tiles warm the shower area.

A huge indoor plant drives a dark green accent into the predominantly neutral modern scheme.

A small rocking chair as well as swing seat make a place for chatting in motion. Scribble effect cabinet doors paint an arty vibe under the stairs. Layers of geo carpet fitted with lemon chevron cushions over the window seats.

A blue graffiti wall complements the dining furniture whilst maintaining an untamed urban street vibe.

The graffiti wall wraps around the corner of the room into the compact kitchen area. The L-shaped kitchenette actually has a third wall of cabinets neatly tucked behind the stairs to the mezzanine. The space under the stairs is used for a special closet space.

Small white radiators meld with the simple white baseline as well as a solid white swivel chair blends in quietly by the desk space. With elements clear and contemporary around the lower half of the room, the crown of the room carries an authentic warehouse vibe, with a bare concrete ceiling as well as exposed ducting.

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