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BeautifyIng Square Interior With Brown, Red and Rust Accents

Brown, red and rust accents bring warmth as well as welcoming atmosphere to the two Square interior of this modern home, each measuring 160 square metres. Vibrant accent pieces take the interior from a neutral mix of plain white, grey as well as wood, to colours packed with a cozy atmosphere. We can also enjoy a number of modern designer furniture inspirations, beautiful living room design, sleek kitchens with elegant modern dining rooms, chic bedroom ideas and stylish home office space. We also include a floor plan at the end of each tour to ask you to go into the details.

The design of our first 160 square meters house, located in Minsk. Belarus, starting with a neutral lounge area as well as a superb modern sofa design. So the black modular section sits low onto a light textured carpet, which creates an interesting contrast.

In front of the modern sofa, a round coffee table rests gently as well as the rug’s natural colourway.

Bleached oak flooring lays a light reflective base across the open plan lounge, likewise is matched by the kitchen’s smooth aesthetic.

Rust-colored tiles fill the living room’s focus wall, so then more neutrals.

Bookshelves line the walls of bright reading corners as well as air wipes by the windows. The modern chaise lounge offers a very friendly place to read a book a few hours in the courtyard.

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Contemporary floor lamps provide chaise lounge chairs with slightly dark light, while small side tables serve drinks and snacks.

Concealing kitchen doors help create a minimalist dining room scheme.

Contemporary apartment design.

When the kitchen door is pulled back, a red-brown color is exposed inside. Extra high wall units provide storage in a kitchenette setting, as well as rust-coloured tiles.

Elegant white dining room pendant lamp as mounted on a modern rectangular dining table; White flower sprays complement their elegance in the center of the table.

The light of the linear pendant illuminates the island kitchen space behind the modern dining set. The black kitchen bar stool matches a black dining chair to create cohesion between the two spaces.

Rust color tiles to the hallway connecting the house, so that threading the color of the living room accents all the way to the bedroom door.

Inside the bedroom, a grey bed set melds with a soft grey platform bed, putty grey walls as well as a textured grey rug.

Dark black swinging arm wall lights cross the marbled grey paint, bringing light to the center of the bed in addition the main pendant lighting fixtures. Light wood bedside units carry a floor colour story.

The free-standing bathtub is sideways at the foot of the bed, looking out over the sweeping views.

The master bedroom suite is adjacent also to a spacious home office. Lightweight wooden cabinets are mounted on the walls in a weightless floating effect.

A minimalist workspace crosses the window wall, furnished with a modern rust desk, contrasting black swivel chair as well as a stylish black desk lamp.

Rust-colored cabinets of neutral stone bathroom interiors, in the form of sleek modern bathroom vanity. Matte black faucets add a contemporary touch.

The floor plan illustrates a large walk-in wardrobe in the master room, which separates the bedroom from its home office space.

The design of our second 160 square meter apartment landed in Lviv, Ukraine. The residence is clearly comfortable, this cozy interior has a friendly space with a palette of brown accent tones. A rust-colored sofa from the lounge area, next to a contemporary tv stand.

The combination of layered carpets brings an area with a lounge pattern and layout. See more inspiration for carpets here.

An obscure glass partition separates the kitchen space from the relaxing lounge.

Houndstooth throwing pillows brings monochrome moments to rust sofas.

Decorative vases bring a shining area of interest to the black coffee table.

Gold lounge chairs complement the lounge furniture setup, setting a curved back against a modern, tastefully lit bookshelf.

An indoor plant carries a natural interpretation of the red-brown colour scheme into the corner of the room, creating a colourful companion for the modern floor lamp behind the sofa.

Burgundy dining chairs make a luxurious addition to the kitchen, where they are in stark contrast to the geometric floor treatments of grey and white. Nice kitchen design with soft contrast with upholstery of chairs.

A round pedestal dining table table is mirrored by a circular modern chandelier.

Hardwearing geometric floor coverings at the entrance of the house, under the table there is neat wood and the interior of the walk-in closet.

Inside the bedroom, the green walls make a fresh blend with mustard accents. Earthy bedroom pendant lights descend on walnut bedside units and modern colour art.

Bird print pillows add a natural feel to the bed.

Soft sweltering curtains filter out the sunlight. Increase the spirit in the morning.

A taupe ottoman provides extra storage under a built-in bedroom desk/vanity.

Mustard accents make another appearance in the design of the second bedroom, where they are offset by walls of dark gray features. A modern wall of dark sconce with fresh white color.

The workspace in this bedroom is a more formal desk and console combo, decorated with a stylish lamp and clock. See other unique desk clocks here.

The floor plan reveals the three bedrooms in this apartment, each complete with their own workspace.

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    • The best sofa for flat is definitely the one that size, shape, and material fit your taste and budget. Make sure to measure your living room precisely and find the most durable materials in your favorite furniture shop. Thank you for visiting us :). Good luck, and have a great day!

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