Crafting Cool Clarity With All-White Interiors

White is the colour of purity and perfection. Any colour goes with white, but should you have an all-white interiors? Well, the short answer is yes! All-white interiors are timeless, white walls highlight architectural features and white decor makes homes feel larger and more spacious. For art lovers, there is no better background than a clean white one–just ask a gallery owner. Some people might think that white is an unimaginative choice but any colour decor can bring about a boring result. The truth is that white interiors preserve design clarity. A clean white slate offers the opportunity to toy with furniture shape, texture and lighting design without distraction.

Since an idle TV screen puts a black blot onto the purity of an all-white interior decor scheme, it makes sense to conceal it in some way. In this case, handle-free doors take on the appearance of sleek white wall panels above the modern fireplace.

Inside the white bedroom, a platform bed has a floating effect thanks to recessed base supports and some under-bed lighting strips. The room’s flat colour palette really helps to make the feature pop. Over by the window, a black floor lamp and grey bedroom chair serve up some darker notes.

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In Odessa, Ukraine, a modern sofa design cuts a crisp silhouette into the all-white interior of a 107 square metre apartment. The sofa’s elevated base adds to the open and airy aesthetic of the living room.

Solid white modern dining chairs and a matching round dining table almost disappear from the centre of the room. As they meld quietly with the pure white floor. However, a burst of revitalising natural greenery is always a welcome addition no matter what the room palette, and is used here as an elegant table centrepiece.

The last of our three featured home interiors is a much smaller yet perfectly formed abode. Where white decor is key in visually pushing out the walls as well as ceiling line. A neat white TV stand is mounted at the base of a staircase that leads to a bedroom mezzanine.

Every inch of space is eaten up for overhead storage cabinets, recessed shelving or desktop space and yet, thanks to the all encompassing white finish, the home office nook feels entirely uncluttered and calm.

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