Important Tips For Remodeling Laundry Room

When thinking of remodeling your home, there are certain areas you should focus on as they can have the highest returns on investment. The top two areas that can give you the best returns are the bathroom and the kitchen. When remodeled or renovated by an experienced and reputable contractor, such as SF Renovations Geelong, these areas can offer the biggest payoffs. Next in line is laundry room renovation. Very few people usually think of the laundry room when planning a home remodeling project. 

Laundry Room Renovation Tips

There is usually a lot of water spills on the laundry room floor, so there must be proper drainage. The flooring should also be waterproof to prevent the floor from getting damaged by water. In addition to this, the laundry room should be spacious, well-organized and ventilated as well as properly lit. The following are laundry room renovation tips you may want to consider:

1. Install a Laundry Room Sink

You may be wondering what a sink would be doing in the laundry room, but this could actually be a wonderful addition. The sink and a small countertop would be the perfect place to scrub mud and other stains off your clothes. How many times have you gone to the kitchen sink to scrub grass stains off your pants? Well, the right place to do this is the laundry room sink. Be sure to ask your contractor to provide you with all the available sink options and select the perfect place to install the sink. Ideally, the sink should be right next to your washer and dryer for convenience. 

2. Upgrade Your Flooring

If you have laminate plank flooring in your laundry room, be sure to replace this flooring during your laundry room renovation project. The perfect flooring material would be luxury vinyl laminate flooring. This is an affordable, more durable and waterproof flooring material. 

3. Upgrade the Lighting

Smaller rooms in the house, such as the bathroom, kitchen pantry and laundry room need to be properly lit. Adding more light will make the laundry room more convenient and enjoyable to use. Choose something new and trendy to improve not only the lighting, but also the decor in your bathroom. Installing lighting fixtures that come in bronze or gold finish is a wonderful idea. Recessed lighting is also a great option. There are some amazing, but affordable and trendy lighting fixtures out there, so be sure to carry out some research before you make a decision. 

4. Improve Your Storage

While you may be doing a lot of laundry regularly, you need to find a suitable storage for your dirty laundry. Consider retrofitting storage cabinets in the laundry room to hold laundry baskets. This will allow you to keep the laundry basket out of sight in the laundry room. Be sure to also install open shelving in the room to increase the amount of storage available in the laundry room. 

5. Paint the Walls

Painting the walls of your laundry room is an inexpensive way of upgrading how it looks. Find some inspiration online or in nature when painting the walls. A brightly colored wall will improve the quality of illumination in the laundry room and transform the ambiance in the room. 

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