25 Stunning Bathroom Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to redecorate and transform a space within your home, and sometimes it’s the easiest little tricks and adaptions that can make the biggest impact. This is something we’re going to show you now, in these 25 stunning bathroom ideas you’ll want to steal. From stylish and chic to elegant and luxurious, there are a thousand and one ways you could completely transform the bathroom in your home with very little cost involved, and very little stress too.

Here’s a few of the bathroom designs we’ve fallen in love with in our quest to bring you some interior design inspiration, and a few tricks and tips that you might useful too! We would love to see your bathrooms if you think you have one to die for, so make sure you send them in to us. We would love to feature you and your beautiful home on CherryCherryBeauty. For now, however, we would like to present you with these:

1 – Zen Bathroom Ideas

A zen bathroom is a place where you can forget about the world and just focus on yourself. It’s not just a place to take care of your body, but also your mind. A zen bathroom should be clean, spacious, and have calming colors and lighting.

Zen bathrooms are usually designed with open spaces and have few pieces of furniture in order to give the feeling of being in nature. The lighting is usually dim with natural light coming from the windows. White paint gives the room an airy feel. For a little extra detail try adding a piece of wall art to make your space feel more personal.

Zen Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Zen Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta @livingstonebaths
Zen Bathroom Wall Art
Photo: Zen Bathroom Wall Art. Source: Insta@earthblue.art
Simple Zen Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Simple Zen Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@victoria_albert_baths

We are all dreaming of that #bathwithaview!!!

2 – Gold Bathroom Ideas

If you don’t have lots of room on your side, and a dreamy, big and bright bathroom like this Moscow inspired bathroom in the first image isn’t quite within your reach, you can help to make your own bathroom bigger and brighter. First start by lightening things up. Lighter and brighter shades are well known to make a room look airier and much bigger too. A mirror can help, not only to reflect light, but also to make the space look bigger. And, more than that, remove clutter. You can easily use the height of the walls and make them work for you by installing stacked shelves. You can place bathroom bits and pieces in theme-decorated boxes and other things to keep them out of view. A tiny bathroom will look better than a cluttered bathroom.

For more ways to use gold in your home check out Rose Gold Home Decor Pieces We Love and 40+ Beautiful Blue Bedroom Ideas.

Gold Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Gold Bathroom Ideas Source: Insta@insplosion
Easy Gold Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Easy Gold Bathroom Ideas. Source: Instagram
Photo: Simple Gold Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta @squareroomsmag

3 – Neutral Bathroom Ideas

There are many ways to create a neutral bathroom. You can use soft shades of cream and brown to create a neutral bathroom with wicker or wooden furnishings.

Brown is a good color for the bathroom because it is not too bright and it blends well with whites and other neutral colors.

Neutral Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Neutral Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@neutral.aesthetic
Neutral Bathroom Ideas Decor
Photo: Neutral Bathroom Ideas Decor. Source: Insta@floraliehome
Brown and Cream Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Brown and Cream Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@mrs_savs_home

4 – Sage Green Bathroom Ideas

If you were looking for a light, bright and airy shade that is quite subtle, but still sophisticated, how about sage green? It really is a very delightful shade, especially when you opt for a more pastel finish. Used in a bathroom with light wood and white fixtures will give you an amazingly modern and fresh feel, and is a great combination of shades to use in a number of rooms in your home, not just the one you like to take a bath in.

Sage Green Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Sage Green Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@prettylittleedwardian
Sage Green Bathroom
Photo: Sage Green Bathroom. Source: Insta@once.upon.an.alnwick
Green Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Green Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@summerschamystudio

5 – Lake House Bathroom Ideas

You might not think that the bathroom was the most important room of the house, but when you think about it, you spend so much time in there. Almost as much time as the bedroom in some cases.

It is said that we spend up to three hours of every week in the bathroom, and that’s the “average” person. We would definitely want to spend even longer in there than that if we had stunning lake house bathroom ideas like this to enjoy.

Lake House Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Lake House Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@haruntaylor.design
Stunning Lake House Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Stunning Lake House Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@seikkmag
Rustic Lake House Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Rustic Lake House Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@theredhillfarmhouse

6 – Hall Bathroom Ideas

If you don’t have side-space to store things in your bathroom, use the tools and spaces that you already have to hand. If you have plenty of wall space, for example, you have plenty of spaces for shelves and shelving units. These, in their own right, can be a focal point for the entire room. These mirrors, for example, have more than one purpose, not only do they brighten up your space, but they also provide much needed storage space.

Hall Bathroom Ideas.
Photo: Hall Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@myvictorianhouselove
Boho Hall Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Boho Hall Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@ahousetomakeourhome
Simple Hall Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Simple Hall Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta @homeinheidelberg

7 – Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas

The rustic look is a trend that has been popular for a while now. It is not surprising then that many people want to use this style in their own homes.

In the bathroom, you can make use of natural materials like wood and stone to create a cozy, rustic atmosphere. Try adding plants or dried flowers to your rustic bathroom decor and unpolished metal to give your bathroom a real rustic feel.

Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta @hillviewdairy_
Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Country Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@przestawianki
Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas On A Budget.
Photo: Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas On A Budget.Source: Insta@jamesandjamesconstructioncorp

8 – Blue and Gray Bathroom

The best thing about blue is that it can look different depending on the shade you choose, which means you can find a color scheme for your bathroom that will match your personal style.

If you want to go for a classic look, go with a light blue or baby blue. If you want something more modern, try navy or electric blue. If your bathroom has tiled walls, then try pairing navy with white or light grey tiles. For something more masculine and elegant, go with dark grey and white tiles – this is also great if you have darker furniture in the room.

Blue and Gray Bathroom
Photo: Blue and Gray Bathroom. Source: Insta @luxurydesign_flat
Bathroom Ideas Blue and Gray
Photo: Bathroom Ideas Blue and Gray. Source: Insta @salonhoff
Blue and Gray Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Blue and Gray Bathroom Ideas. Source: betterbathrooms

9 – Boys Bathroom Ideas

Boys bathroom decor can be a tough task. They want to feel like they are in their own space, but it’s not always easy to make that happen. There are some things you can do to make your boy feel more at home in the bathroom.

One of the easiest ways to make their bathroom look more masculine is to use blue tones. Blue is a color that is associated with masculinity and strength, so it’s a great way to get them excited about using the restroom. You can also add accessories with their favourite animal on or art work of their favourite Marvel character to give their bathroom more personality.

Boys Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Boys Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@thehouseonhanover
Modern Boys Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Modern Boys Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@andpartners_interiors
Boy Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Boy Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@anterior.interior.design

10 – Girls Bathroom Ideas

A girly bathroom is a very personal space. It is not just about the decoration, but also about the colours that you choose.

Pink and blue are a great combination for a girly bathroom. Pink is feminine and blue is soothing, so they work well together.

Green and pink are also a good combination if you want to go for something more bold. We love these colours in Jurassic World’s main gal Bryce Dallas Howard’s cretaceous-chic bathroom below.

Girly Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Girly Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@homesthatmakemehappy
Girls Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Girls Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@inhouse_inspiration
Green and Pink Girls Bathroom
Photo: Green and Pink Girls Bathroom. Source: Insta@fireclaytile

11 – Man Cave Bathroom Ideas

Did you know that a lot of us are using the bathroom as the space for our “alone time”, mostly because it’s the only place in the house that we can get ANY time alone. And trust us on this; it’s driving us nuts! But with 39% of all people in the UK saying they go to the bathroom to think, and 43% of all UK people saying that the only time they got any time to themselves when they were in the bathroom, it makes sense to make the space as tranquil and relaxing as you can.

Man Cave Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Man Cave Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@rockettstgeorge
Cosy Man Cave Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Cosy Man Cave Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@specialtyhardware
Black Man Cave Bathroom Ideas.
Photo: Black Man Cave Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@mehrzad_grs_art

12 – Teen Bathroom Ideas

If you want to decorate your teen’s bathroom, there are plenty of ways to do it. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

  1. Go for bright colors!
  2. Use colourful and stylish decor like the flower shelves below. They will add some fun and creativity to the room.
  3. Bring in some greenery! Put plants in containers around the room, or hang plants from the ceiling. They will give off a fresh, healthy vibe and make your teen’s bathroom feel more like home than a dorm room.
Teen Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Teen Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@elranchodangelo
Teenage Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Teenage Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@gingerhearts
teenage bathroom decorating ideas
Photo: Teenage Bathroom Decorating Ideas. Source: Insta@heneddyhouse

13 – Basement Bathroom Ideas

A cosy basement bathroom would be a great choice for those who want to create the illusion of space. You can use mirrors and natural elements like plants to make the room look bigger.

Alternatively, if you want to go big and light, then you should consider using white paint on the floor or ceiling and dark grey tiled floors.

Basement Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Basement Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@findsurfacesltd
Zen Basement Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Zen Basement Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@wholphintrading
Light Basement Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Light Basement Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@wholphintrading

14 – Garage Bathroom Ideas

Garages are usually used for storing cars and other vehicles. But, these days, many people are converting their garage into a livable space. One such project is to convert a space in your garage into a small downstairs bathroom.

Garage Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Garage Bathroom Ideas Source: Insta@nates.home.ideas
Small Garage Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Small Garage Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@house_bythebrook
Small Garage Bathroom
Photo: Small Garage Bathroom. Source: Insta@lifelovelarson

15 – Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Bathroom ceiling ideas are a great way to add some personality to your bathroom. You can go for something like painting the ceiling in your bathroom different colours or using wood.

Bathroom Ceiling Ideas
Photo: Bathroom Ceiling Ideas. Source: Insta@myvictorianhouselove
Ideas For Bathroom Ceilings
Photo: Ideas For Bathroom Ceilings. Source: Insta@delightfulll
Ceiling Ideas For Bathrooms
Photo: Ceiling Ideas For Bathrooms. Source: Insta@ultraleds.co.uk

16 – Teal Bathroom Ideas

Teal paint is a color that can be used to give your bathroom a vibrant and stylish feel. It’s also a color that will look great with any type of decoration.

The best way to make your bathroom look more modern, is by using teal colored tiles. The color of the tiles will change the whole ambiance of the room and make it seem more luxurious than before.

Teal Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Teal Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@freshwater_interiors
Blue Bathroom Tile Ideas
Photo: Blue Bathroom Tile Ideas. Source: Insta@fireclaytile
Black White and Teal Bathroom
Photo: Black White and Teal Bathroom. Source: Insta@newageshutters

17 – Disney Bathroom Ideas

Disney is a magical place where dreams come true. It is also a place where you can find some of the most stylish bathrooms.

Disney Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Disney Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@disneyloveforus
Photo: Disney Bathroom Decor Ideas. Source: Insta@stephanie.in.disney
Disney Princess Bathroom
Photo: Disney Princess Bathroom. Source: Insta@lamaison.cozy

18 – Pool Room Bathroom Ideas

Do you live near the sea? Who cares if you don’t, pretend you do with sea-themed / beach-themed bathroom. It uses light and bright colours which, as we have already mentioned (a few times) will help to make your bathroom look like a much more inviting space.You don’t need to opt for the traditional lighthouses and ships theme either. And, as you can see, there isn’t a single faux-shell in sight. It’s all been very beautifully finished with white wood cladding effect on the walls, to help bring that seaside theme inside.

Pool Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Pool Bathroom Ideas Source: Insta@heneddyhouse
Outdoor Pool Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Outdoor Pool Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@amystormandco
Small Pool House Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Small Pool House Bathroom Ideas Source: Insta @custombuilthomesteads

19 – Mediterranean Bathroom Ideas

People who want to create a Mediterranean bathroom need to think about the flooring, tiles and the shower. They should also think about the colour scheme and the furniture that they are going to use.

The flooring of a Mediterranean bathroom is usually made of ceramic or stone tiles. It can also be made of wood or other materials, but it needs to be natural in order for it to match with the design. The shower should be made of marble or stone as well, because these materials are not only beautiful but they also give that luxurious feeling that is characteristic for this type of bathroom design.

The colour schemes for a Mediterranean bathroom are usually blue and white. But if you don’t want such a classic look, you can always go for some dark Mediterranean tiles instead.

Mediterranean Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Mediterranean Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@noken_porcelanosa_bathrooms
Photo: Blue and White Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@inhouse_inspiration
Glamorous Mediterranean Bathroom
Photo: Glamorous Mediterranean Bathroom Source: Insta@dianelunadesign

20 – Wood Bathroom Ideas

Wooden bathroom ideas are a great way to add a touch of warmth to your bathroom. It is also a great way to add some natural elements into your home.

The first step in adding wooden elements into your bathroom is deciding on the look that you want. You can go with a more rustic and natural look or you can use stained wood for a more elegant look.

Once you have decided on the type of wooden elements that you want, it’s time to start thinking about the design of the bathroom. You should think about how much space you have and what type of wood will fit best in that space.

Wood Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Wood Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@interiorsbyingrid
Wooden Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Wooden Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@lagoon_lodge
brown tile bathroom ideas
Photo: Brown Tile Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@balhouse_projektowanie_wnetrz

21 – Purple and Grey Bathroom Ideas

No matter what your style is, you can find the perfect colour combination for your bathroom. If you want to go for a more classical look, then purple and grey would be a good choice. You can choose from various shades of purple and grey to find the one that best suits your taste.

Purple and Gray Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Purple and Gray Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@bayswaterbathrooms
Purple and Gray Bathroom
Photo: Purple and Gray Bathroom. Source: Insta@jessica_gething_design
Grey and Purple Bathroom
Photo: Grey and Purple Bathroom. Source: Insta@all.things_interiors

22 – Romantic Bathroom Ideas

Some of the most important things in life are not tangible. Love, family, friends, and a sense of home are all things that we can’t touch or see but they are worth more than anything else. A romantic bathroom is one way to remind you of these things when you need it most.

If you want to create a romantic bathroom, start by choosing some soft lighting for your space like candles or fairy lights. Next, add some plants for an earthy feel and cover your walls with pictures in frames that have sentimental value to you and your partner. Finally, add a few personal touches such as a bathtub filled with bubbles (or even better – rose petals) and a nice fluffy towel or two hanging nearby.

Romantic Bath Ideas
Photo: Romantic Bath Ideas. Source: Insta@darkroseinteriors
Romantic Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Romantic Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@homewedding_inspo
Ideas for Romantic Bath
Photo: Ideas for Romantic Bath. Source: Insta@vinous_dining

23 – Sunflower Bathroom Ideas

Here are some bathroom design ideas that will not only make your bathroom look fabulous but will also make it a happy place to be.

Sunflower decor and sunflower yellow paint can make your bathroom feel like a sunny and happy place. You can use these colors to create a relaxing atmosphere in the morning or evening when you need to freshen up before going out.

Sunflower Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Sunflower Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@homewithhelenandco
Sunflower Yellow Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Sunflower Yellow Bathroom Ideas Source: Insta@stephaniehalehomes
Sunflower Bathroom Decor
Photo: Sunflower Bathroom Decor. Source: Insta@jessikundrickdesign

24 – Copper Bathroom Ideas

Copper is a metal that has been used for thousands of years in different cultures. It was first mined in the Middle East and then it spread to Europe and Asia. Copper is a valuable material because it is both beautiful and durable.

Copper bath tubs are very popular nowadays because they are stylish, durable, and can be used for many purposes. They can be installed in a bathroom or outdoors as an accent piece.

Copper Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Copper Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@oakappledecor
Copper Bathroom
Photo: Copper Bathroom. Source: Insta@witchs.hearth
Copper Bath Ideas
Photo: Copper Bath Ideas. Source: Insta@reviving_no37

25 – Black and Gold Bathroom Ideas

Most people would probably tell you to avoid black in your bathroom when you have a relatively small bathroom, but sometimes it’s a lot of fun to break the rules. In theory, this idea wouldn’t work, but the use of light coloured fixtures and appliances, as well as mirrors to help reflect light, has made for a combination that (we think) actually works really well. What do you think? Would you?

Black and Gold Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Black and Gold Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta @catalano_farmiloe
Marbled Black and Gold Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Marbled Black and Gold Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@catalano_farmiloe
Chic Black and Gold Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Chic Black and Gold Bathroom Ideas. Source: Insta@invenaromania

And there you have them – 25 stunning bathroom ideas that we think are damn fabulous. What do you think? Are there any ideas here that you think you want to add to your bathroom? Have you done one better than these ideas, do you think? If you’ve got a room to show off, send them in – let us show them off. We’ll link right back to you, and if you provide us with a tutorial / step-by-step instructions, we’ll even share those too. We want to share your good ideas. We wouldn’t have any #homegoals at all if it weren’t for these inspirational ideas.

Anyway, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading.

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