18 Woollen Throw Bedroom Ideas

Have you heard of “hygge”? It’s the massive new lifestyle trend to hit, and it all started from Denmark. With long, cold days and even longer and colder nights, the Danish people needed to find a way to break it all up, inserting moments of warmth, comfort, and kindness. They did this by meeting with friends and setting time aside specifically, but also by creating an interior design trend that many of us probably follow without even realising.

Create your own hygge with these woollen throw bedroom ideas. When you’re wrapped up in these luxury winter warmers, there’s no way on earth you won’t feel content, happy, and more importantly, warm!

1 – White & Grey

Simple and crisp lines aren’t often thought of as cold and uninviting, but it takes only minimal accessories to stop that. If you want to make your bedroom a space that you genuinely want to spend time in, starting by adding a few warm touches, just like this huge chunky woollen throw:

Photo: Dark Grey Woollen Throw. Source: Pinterest

Let’s be honest about this, there are worse things to be wrapped up in during the cold winter months. In fact, we feel the need to make a cup of tea, grab a good book, and get snuggled up ourselves. Not only will this throw make your bed a hundred times warmer, the thickness and heaviness of it will feel just like a hug. A hug for hygge!

2 – 50 Shades of Beige

Not a fan of grey? Don’t worry, even a plain and beige room can be updated with these woollen throw bedroom ideas. This is a really good trick for a spare room, or in a rental room (for example) where you can’t decorate quite as freely as you’d like.

Beige Bedroom Inspiration
Photo: Beige Bedroom Inspiration. Source: Instagram / @dormify

If you don’t want a wall full of picture frames, how about hanging your pictures slightly differently on the wall? If you don’t have scarves or handkerchiefs to hang from that string garland at the top, use pegs to hang your favourite pictures instead. What could be better than wrapping up warm in that beautiful knitted throw, surrounded by your favourite faces and all your special memories?

3 – Silvery Grey

How do you feel about this light design idea? There’s that knitted throw that we all need to snuggle up in this winter, but for such a heavy and chunky item, it hasn’t “chunked” up the room, because everything else has been left light and simple.

When you have a cold-coloured room, those warmer touches can really make all the difference, and you don’t need to throw dark and warm colours in to make a difference. We love everything about this room.

 Simple Woollen Throw Bedroom Ideas
Photo: Simple Woollen Throw Bedroom Ideas. Source: Pinterest


4 – Good Vibes Only

If you only change one thing in your life, make it the investment of a big white woollen throw. Oh, maybe two – surround it with positive mantras in the form of scatter cushions. Why? Because if that’s the first thing you see when you open your eyes in the morning, perhaps it’ll influence your vibes for that day! Yep, we’re digging “good vibes only”!

Winter White Woollen Throw
Photo: Winter White Woollen Throw. Source: Instagram / @marzena.marideko

When you’re planning on redecorating your bedroom, or any room in your home for that matter, make sure that you set yourself a budget. Once you have your budget, look at the things in the room that will be there forever. That’s the money you should spend – the floor, the walls, etc. Get good quality paint, and make sure you finish your floor properly, regardless of how you decide to finish it. Those key pieces will be things that stand the test of time, and the little things – cushions and throws, for example – are easily replaced, repainted, or reupholstered. The bulk of your money should be spent on the longer-lasting stuff.

5 – Knits & Fur

Textures work really well in your bedroom. It’s the one room in the house it’s actually acceptable to get cosy-comfy in your pjs, turn down the lights, wrap up warm and snuggle in tight. The feel of soft furs (faux, of course), and beautiful knots and wools are going to feel utterly amazing when you get into them after a long and hard day. Make your bedroom the most luxurious space in the house. It should be – you should cherish every moment you’re in it, especially in bed!

Black and White Bedroom Ideas
Photo: Black and White Bedroom Ideas. Source: Lustliving

Make sure that you’re injecting your own personal style into your room, otherwise you won’t be happy with the end result. If you like to paint, paint something and have it framed for your walls or on a shelf. If you like to create pottery, create a vase or something beautiful for ornaments and decoration. Use your sewing skills to create bespoke cushions, or your knitting skills to create a beautiful woolen throw like the ones we’re showing you today. Go with the colors and shades you like – you’re the one that’s going to be spending time in there.

6 – Peach-Pink & Dark Grey

Hows this for a slightly different colour palette when looking at woollen throw bedroom ideas? We’re teaming a dark grey with a beautiful soft peachy-pink and honestly, we couldn’t be really happier about it. You can use different hues and shades in your palette to help bring it all together. We loved the way the white pillows and lighter grey knitted throw has been used for just that.

Pink and Dark Grey Bedroom
Photo: Pink and Dark Grey Bedroom. Source: Instagram / @ adairs

The trick to decorating your bedroom the right way is to decorate in a way that makes YOU happy. You’ll be the one spending time in there, sleeping, reading, whatever it is that you’re doing … Make it a space you’ll want to spend time in, and your time in there will be much more fun for you. It’s always nice to snuggle in with beautiful surroundings than it is when you’re cold, miserable and uncomfortable.

7 – Light Knits

Don’t fancy a thick woollen throw on your bed? Don’t worry, you can still keep up with the trend. If you want something lighter, especially when the summer (and warm weather!) comes, opt for a lighter, less chunky knit. This pretty dusky pink knitted blanket works really well with that powdery blue and grey, even though you might not thought it would work initially.

Light Pink Woollen Throw
Photo: Light Pink Woollen Throw. Source: Instagram / @triangleinteriors

We found a light knit throw just like this beautiful woollen wonder, and if you’re looking for something lighter than the big, thick and chunky woollen throw bedroom ideas we’ve shown you so far, you definitely need to take a peek.

8 – Chunky Knits & Pink Bed

These woollen throws and blankets offer much more than just warmth, you know? They also add depth to a room. Like adding highlights to your hair, I feel you like. Adding decoration without having to spend a small fortune on interior design pieces can be hard work, but with this idea you’ve got it covered.

 Ideas for Woollen Throws
Photo: Ideas for Woollen Throws. Source: Pinterest

Adding decoration, colour and warmth to a room, a woollen throw will also add texture. It will encourage people to run their hands along it, and to feel invited by it. Now imagine that on your bed – imagine being invited to bed, by your bed. It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

9 – Silver Sparkle

The fairy lights are probably a little much for when you want to actually get in your bed at the end of a long day, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t incorporate them into your woollen throw bedroom ideas. When winter comes you’ll want something warm and cosy, and the dim lighting projected by fairy lights help to bring that ambience. Candles are another great idea, of course, but just remember to check that it’s safe to use them. No leaving them unattended to burn down your house.

Woollen Throw Ideas with Fairy Lights
Photo: Woollen Throw Ideas with Fairy Lights. Source: Pinterest

Remember – when you’re looking for woollen throw bedroom ideas, or any other interior design ideas, to take into account both what looks pretty, and what will be practical. Whit is a really beautiful shade to work with, with so many ways you can work with it too. But it’s still white – it’ll still show every scrap of dirt, and if you have a busy household, clumsy people in your home, or kids and animals, these white shades might not be easy to keep white for long.

10 – Monochrome Madness

Okay, okay, it’s monochrome with a hint of pink – that wonderful wool throw. You can rock an accent colour when you’re also trying to rock the black and white interior design trend, but just make sure the accent sounds are subtle.

Woollen Throw Ideas Pink Chunky Knit
Photo: Woollen Throw Ideas Pink Chunky Knit. Source: Instagram / @kajastef

This stunning design has used the dusky pink blanket on the bed to add another colour into the monochrome style. There are also tiny dusky pink features around the room – a candle holder on the desk, for example. You don’t need to go shockingly obvious all the time. Sometimes less is most definitely more.

11 – Green & Leafy

This knitted throw has done so much notebook to this room that adding a secondary shade or colour, it has also transformed the bed space. Combined with those similarly-toned cushions, it’s helped to lighten up what would otherwise be quite a dark room.

Chunky Knit Woollen Throw Ideas
Photo: Chunky Knit Woollen Throw Ideas. Source: Instagram / @adairs

We know that you love following the latest interior design trends, but sometimes it pays to go against the grain. If you like the look, but no one else seems to be raving about it right now, rock it anyway. You might just start the latest styles and fashions!

12 – Knitted Cushions

What if you don’t want woollen throw bedroom ideas? If your bed is warm enough but you don’t want to miss out on the hygge trend, add a few knitted throw woollen cushions into the mix instead.

Woollen Throw Ideas Knitted Cushions
Photo: Woollen Throw Ideas Knitted Cushions. Source: Pinterest

You’re still adding the warm ambience too the room from the soft and knitted material, but at the same time you’re not incorporating so much into the mix that it takes over the room. Another fabulous idea, we think!

13 – Double Throw

This was one of our favourite woollen throw bedroom ideas, not only for the double knitted blankets that have been casually thrown over the bed, but also for the clever use of blinds on the windows. Although thick curtains will keep the heat in, and darker, richer-coloured curtains will help to make the room feel warmer, blinds are a great alternative because they allow plenty of light into the room. More than that, they’ll allow plenty of SUNLIGHT into the room.

White Woollen Throw
Photo: White Woollen Throw. Source: Instagram / @immyandindi

Nothing makes you feel better in the morning than being woken by the warming rays of the sun beaming through your window. The floral prints really help to add to that warming spring glow too. Add a soft textured carpet and you have a recipe for bedroom success!

14 – White & Dusky Pink

As much as it’s lovely when everyone else gets involved and gives you their interior design advice (like us, for example), go with your own gut instinct. Not everyone else is right all the time, not even your mother. If they’re telling you not to do something but you really want to do it, do it anyway. If it doesn’t work, it can always be changed again (with a little expense and time / effort). At least then you’ll know too. Otherwise you’ll always wonder if you should have tried that interior design style when you didn’t. Just go with it.

Photo: Woollen Throw Bedroom Ideas Pink. Source: Instagram / @oh.eight.oh.nine

You probably wouldn’t ever have thought of mixing white and dusky pink shades together in quite this way, all crisp and straight lines, but it definitely works. We’d give anything for our bedrooms to look like this. Sadly they just look a mess mostly.

15 – Knits & Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a really great way of adding some extra lighting into your room. Better than that, it’s usually quite flattering lighting as well. You know how candles offer much more flattering lighting for romantic nights in than the actual ceiling lights do? Well, it works in very much the same way.

Photo: Woollen Throw Bedroom Ideas with Cushions. Source: Pinterest

We don’t always want the big ceiling lights on, and lamps are great for helping to set a mood, but still don’t quite hit the spot. Cue: fairy lights. They can be hung or dangled in whatever areas of your room you think you need extra lighting, and they can easily be moved around too. These days you can get battery-powered ones so you don’t even need mains fixtures to be close.

16 – Spots & Knits

How you feel about spots and knits? We must be honest, it’s not a look we would have ever considered throwing together until we had seen this amazing bedroom design. Just the slightest addition of those spotty cushions have transformed this room from a serious one, to a rather fun one. The pictures in frames above the bed really help too. If you thought art needed to be expensive, you’re totally wrong.

Woollen Throw Bedroom Ideas Pink and Grey
Photo: Woollen Throw Bedroom Ideas Pink and Grey. Source: Pinterest

You could print out pictures from the internet and put in frames, or you could write “Love you” in your own damn fabulous writing, just like the far-right framed artwork. There are so many ways you can “art-up” your life, and this is a great and inexpensive way to do just that.

17 – Winter Warmer

Not just looking good, these woollen throw bedroom ideas will keep you warm. As far as we are concerned, that’s as good a reason as any to snuggle right in beneath something warm, soft and cosy. Preferably with our loved one … (if he were to exist).

Chunky Knit Throw for Bedroom
Photo: Chunky Knit Throw for Bedroom. Source: Pinterest

If you wanted something simple, why not consider making it yourself? There are so many tutorials out there to follow, and you never know … you might be quite good at it!

18 – White & Simple

It’s crisp, white and ultra clean, so probably not the best kind of interior design idea if you have kids. It does look amazing though, you must admit that. Sometimes simple lines and colours are all you need to make a big impact in a room.

White and Grey Woollen Throw Ideas
Photo: White and Grey Woollen Throw Ideas. Source: Pinterest

There are so many ways you can entirely change the way your room looks with the addition of a few helpful additions. We’ve focused on woollen throw bedroom ideas here, but as you can see from what we’ve shown you, fairy lights, mirrors, and even a quick lick of paint could be all it takes to live in a home you’re proud of.

If you DO have a home that you’re proud of and want to show it off – show us! We’d love to feature your beautiful homes, and you can get in touch and send in your shots through our social media accounts. Get in touch – we can’t wait to see what you’ve been doing with your houses!

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