12 DIY Headboard Ideas

If you want a bedroom that really stands out, it makes sense to pay attention to your headboard. It’s a space of the room that is often neglected, which is a shame for something that can work as both something functional, as well as something artistic, fun, and eye-catching. We’ve been looking around for some DIY headboard ideas, and we think we’ve found a few ideas that you are truly going to love. Whether you’re a novice at DIY or a dab hand with a saw, there’s something to suit everyone, and we’ve added links to the full tutorials where possible.

There are many reasons why you should turn to DIY headboard ideas like these, rather than looking at the ones you can buy in the shops. One of the biggest, of course, is the vast array of customisation options you have at your fingertips. You can control everything, from the size to the shape, the colour, the design, and everything else in-between.

Where to start? How about a few of these headboard looks … ?

Recycled DIY Door Headboard

What’s the easiest way to create a DIY headboard? Use an old door, of course! It’s about the right size to match your average double bed, and it’s got plenty of features that you could use to make it look bigger, bolder and brighter.

What is great about this idea is that doors come in all shapes and sizes so you’re guaranteed to find something to suit your style. Once you find your perfect door you can give it a new life just by simple adding a new coat of paint. This DIY barn door headboard has been painted in blue and white to match the style of the bedroom.

We love how the shabby chic diy door headboard matches the shabby chic drawers. Take a look at our article 34 Shabby Chic Interior Design Ideas for more ideas on how to up-cycle shabby chic style.

Oh, if you do decide to give this a shot for yourself, feel free to share your work with us! Perhaps we could come up with a post all of its own, just for your wonderful DIY door headboard ideas … ?

door headboard diy
Photo: Door Headboard DIY. Source: Insta @veronica_pippin17
DIY Barn Door Headboard
Photo: DIY Barn Door Headboard. Source: Insta @sjarmerendekusiner
DIY Door Headboard
Photo: DIY Door Headboard. Source: Insta @kalanilanilani
Old Door Headboard DIY
Photo: Old Door Headboard DIY Source: Insta @theamericandesignstudio

DIY Pallet Hardboards

We love old wood pallets because there are a hundred and ways in which you can upcycle them. This simple weekend project gives you a way of using old palettes with style, affixing pretty fairy lights to the framework. Just remember to turn the lights off before you go to sleep, and don’t let the lights get too close to fabrics and other flammable materials. You should ensure there is enough of a distance between your pillows and the lights to avoid a fire risk.

Source: craftymorning

For something a little simpler, you can up-cycle an old pallet by giving it a whitewash effect and attaching a simpler light fixture. To give your headboard a shabby chic look, lightly coat the wood with white and use a rough sandpaper to remove some of the paint from the outskirts.

White Washed Headboard DIY
Photo: White Washed Headboard DIY Source: Insta @simplysouthernfurnitureshop
DIY Macrame Headboard
Photo: DIY Macrame Headboard Source: Insta @houseofdirtclaydiy

Wooden Masterpiece DIY Headboard Ideas

Affix lots of pieces of wood together in a haphazard fashion, just like you can see in DIY headboard ideas such as this one, and the world really is your oyster. Well, the art world anyway.

Fill your wood with decorative pieces that you have collected on your travels, or affix hanging plant pots to add some greenery on to the scene. You could even paint the wood if you wanted to inject some colour into the mix. Whatever you do, come back and show us. We want to feature your DIY headboard ideas in a future post for CherryCherryBeauty.

diy wooden heaboard
Photo: DIY Wooden Headboard Source: Source: Pinterest

Simple Shutters Headboard Design

If you’ve managed to get your hands on some simple window shutters, you should most definitely check out DIY headboard ideas like the one below. It really could be as simple as giving your shutters a quick once-over with paint and hanging them on the wall above your bed.

DIY Shutter Headboard
Photo: DIY Shutter Headboard. Source: Insta @sophieshomejourney

Shabby Chic Shelving Headboard Styles

Do you love a bit of shabby chic? We do too, and we especially love this shabby chic style DIY headboard. It gives you plenty of room to add a vase filled with beautiful flowers, although it’s probably not advisable to use real ones if you suffer from hay fever. You’d be amazed at how good fake flowers look these days, and we would definitely recommend checking them out if you wanted to add a touch of the floral into your bedroom space.

diy pallet headboard with shelves
Photo: DIY Pallet Headboard With Shelves. Source: Insta @whitepinecottage

DIY Ratten Headboards

Cane and ratten headboards are all the trends these days. Whilst cane and ratten may look the same, cane is usually known as the stronger of the two. If you want a solid headboard cane is the best choice, however they are both very lightweight and can be easily transported without much effort. Some of their positives are that they are made from natural materials, durable and long lasting due to the quality of the materials used, have a light weight so less strain is put on the environment, and are easy to clean.

Cane and Rattan headboards are much more environmentally friendly than plastics or metals. DIY cane headboards are a great option for any bedroom, regardless of your style. Whether you’re partial to a modern look or something more elaborate, there are lots of DIY projects that suit any taste.

Cane Headboard DIY
Photo: Cane Headboard DIY. Source: Insta @livingstyles_australia
DIY Cane Headboard
Photo: DIY Cane Headboard Source: Insta @my_best_laid_plans
DIY Ratten Headboard
Photo: DIY Ratten Headboard. Source: Insta @thistimeincolour

DIY Bamboo Headboard

Bamboo is a natural material that is sustainable and renewable. It is also a material that can be used to make a headboard for your bed. There are many benefits of using bamboo as the main material for a headboard, such as:

  • It’s eco-friendly
  • It’s durable and strong
  • It can be used to create really interesting designs like in the photos below
DIY Bamboo Headboard
Photo: DIY Bamboo Headboard. Source: Insta @ivy_dene_reno
DIY Headboard Bamboo
Photo: DIY Headboard Bamboo Source: Insta@nostalgiaexchange
Simple DIY Bamboo Headboard
Photo: Simple DIY Bamboo Headboard. Source: Insta @whitneyco_interiors

DIY Curved Headboard

This is the perfect DIY project for those who love to make things themselves and who are up for a challenge.

This diy curved headboard combined with pink and orange bedding is a great style for the bedroom. This is a great way to save money and make something that looks really nice.

diy curved headboard
Photo: DIY Curved Headboard Source: Insta @margaret.wright

Mirror Headboard

Creating headboards from items that you find in flea markets, vintage stores, and other places is a great way to give something a new life. We have seen headboards made out of old doors, but what about headboards made out of mirrors?

The possibilities are endless with the DIY mirror headboard. We love the vintage style DIY mirror headboard used in this photo.If you’re lucky enough to find a mirror that’s big enough to span the width of your bed, this is a great idea. If not, you can mix and match a few smaller mirrors together, or even a few small mirrors with a larger, more decorative mirror in the center.

mirror headboard diy
Photo: Mirror Headboard DIY Source: Insta @ourfreedomsong

DIY Wooden Headboard Patterns

Chevron and herringbone patterns are both trendy for headboards. Chevron is a zig zag pattern, while herringbone is a grid pattern. You can also use these patterns to make a headboard out of wood.

It’s not as hard as it looks! All you need to do is measure the length and width of your bed, then cut out pieces of wood in the same measurements. Next, use an electric saw to cut the wood into the desired shapes for your chevron or herringbone pattern. You can even buy premade panels if you don’t want to cut them yourself!

DIY Herringbone Headboard
Photo: DIY Herringbone Headboard. Source: Insta @wonderwoodproject
DIY Chevron Headboard
Photo: DIY Chevron Headboard. Source: Insta @sofiafagerlund

DIY Beachy Headboards

Talking about up-cycling old pieces of furniture or pallets, we love how this Instagrammer has given this vintage-style furniture a modern and beachy twist by painting it a gorgeous turquoise blue.

To create this painting effect, you’ll need a few different colours and a good brush. This look was made using turquoise, blue and white paint. Apply the colors in stripes next to each other, and blend them together using long brush strokes. Try overlapping the colors, and varying the length of the brush strokes to get the best blending effect. The trick is not to overthink it, and have fun! You’ll be amazed by the outcome of your DIY beachy headboard.

DIY Beach Headboard
Photo: DIY Beach Headboard Source: Insta @oris.design

This headboard is a great way to add some coastal charm to your bedroom. This project is easy and will only take about an hour.

Materials needed:

  • Paint in desired color or wood stain
  • A sponge brush
  • A large piece of wood (try using a pallet)
  • Hammer and nails
DIY Coastal Headboard
Photo: DIY Coastal Headboard Source: Insta @ropesandwood

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DIY Driftwood Headboard

Making a headboard found from found wood on the beach or the forest is a great way to add a personal touch to your bedroom.

There are many ways you can make a diy driftwood headboard. You can take some pieces of driftwood and glue them together, or you can paint the wood and attach it to your wall.

diy driftwood headboard
Photo: DIY Driftwood Headboard Source: Insta @driftwoodnature
DIY Driftwood Headboard
Photo: DIY Driftwood Headboard. Source: Insta @home_onharvestlane

And there you have them – 12 DIY headboard ideas that we think are super awesome and actually quite simple to recreate too. Which one stood out for you? And why? Are you going to recreate it for your own bedroom? Alternatively, do you have a DIY headboard idea that you think rivals these? Send them in! We would LOVE to feature you and your work in a future piece for CherryCherryBeauty!

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